Rampion 2 public consultation opens on 14th July

The Rampion 2 team will launch consultation on 14 July, which will run to 16 September 2021, to seek further feedback on their initial proposals to expand the Rampion Wind Farm off the Sussex coast. This follows a previous informal consultation in January/February 2021. To participate in the consultation click HERE

You can also register to join one of the virtual public forums
Register for Event #1 27 July 202112:00 – 13:00 GMT

Register for Event #2 6 September 202118:00 – 17:30 GMT

Depending on the final scheme, Rampion 2 could create clean, renewable electricity to power over one million homes in the UK and reduce carbon emissions by around 1.8 million tonnes per year, in addition to Rampion’s existing generation. In autumn last year, it was announced that an offshore ‘Area of Search’ was being assessed for a maximum of up to 116 turbines, the same number as the existing Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. A subsea export cable is proposed to bring the power ashore under Climping beach, with an underground onshore cable route required to bring the power inland to connect to the national transmission grid at Bolney, where three potential sites are being considered for a new substation.

Click HERE for more Information about the project Click HERE to visit the Rampion 2 Virtual Exhibition
Here is there Statement of Community Consultation:

One thought on “Rampion 2 public consultation opens on 14th July

  1. Increasing the number of windfarms is excellent news. The sooner this proposal and other similar ones are completed the better.
    To engaged the public, why can’t we see “Day trips to Rampion” from Brighton Marina with informative booklet and how to invest in similar schemes. Far more educational than to go up the doughnut!

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