Funding for Farming in Protected Landscapes opens in July

Defra has developed a Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) programme as part of Defra’s Agricultural Transition Plan following the UK’s departure form the EU. It runs from July 2021 to March 2024. According to a blog from Defra Farming in Protected Landscapes is a programme of funding for one-off projects, not an agri-environment scheme. It will support farmers and land managers to carry out projects that:

• support nature recovery
• mitigate the impacts of climate change
• provide opportunities for people to discover, enjoy and understand the landscape and its cultural heritage
• support nature-friendly, sustainable farm businesses

Defra give examples of projects such as:

• promoting connectivity between habitats
• replacing stiles with gates on public footpaths, to promote easier access
• conserving historic features on a farm, such as lime kilns or lead mining heritage
• supporting a locally branded food initiative that promotes the links between the product and the landscape in which it is produced
• action to reduce carbon emissions on a farm
• gathering data and evidence to help inform conservation and farming practice

For more information from Defra click HERE

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