Council Elections 2021: The SCATE Sustainable Transport Pledges

SCATE are asking candidates in the upcoming council elections to make the following 12 pledges:

1.       Promote policies that significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with transport.

2.       Support every village/town having a bus service every hour.

3.       Lobby for cheaper rail services.

4.       Campaign for safer roads for all to enable more active travel.

5.       Prioritise digital infrastructure over road building.

6.       Support the A27 Arundel Alternative and oppose Highways England’s Grey Route.

7.       Campaign for an urgent upgrade of West Coastway rail services.

8.       Oppose any new A27 dual carriageway east of Lewes.

9.       Campaign for the reintroduction of the Uckfield-Lewes rail line.

10.   Campaign for an urgent upgrade of Marshlink rail line.

11.   Seek the scrapping of ‘Smart motorways’.

12.   Campaign for more frequent rail services in the Solent area.

Find out more from their website, here, or in the video below.

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