Appeal to planners and developers: build zero carbon homes!

The South Downs Network (SDN) has submitted comments to the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) on their review of the design of new developments. When approved the Special Policy Document (SPD) will be an important guidance and policy document for developers and all those submitting a planning application. The SPD has been welcomed by the SDN. However they have asked for greater emphasis on some key areas including design to meet the challenges of Climate Change. The SDN have asked for the National Park to seek a commitment from developers:

ALL planning developments: build zero carbon homes and commercial buildings. 

Even without the backing of government legislation we believe the design document should appeal to developers to go that one stage further and actually build zero carbon buildings from now onwards!

You can see what we said in detail in this document: 

We have also asked the Park to put greater emphasis on Sustainable Transport including the design of 

  • Public footpaths/bridleways 
  • Cycle infrastructure
  • Bus infrastructure 
  • Traffic Calming and safety for rural roads  

In summary our comments covered 

  • Zero Carbon Building Design 
  • Solar tiles & solar battery storage 
  • Integrated cooling & heating systems 
  • Development in rural areas 
  • Separate design brief for villages and towns 
  • Tourist developments 
  • Affordable Housing 
  • Neighbourhood Plan 
  • North Street Development, Lewes 
  • Garages/Housing Development/
  • Sustainable Transport 
  • New agricultural buildings 
  • Light pollution 
  • Public footpaths/bridleways 
  • Cycle infrastructure design 
  • ‘Designed in’ bus infrastructure 
  • Rural Highway Design 

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