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Climate Change: Sustainable Development and Living

Recording of our Sustainable Development and Living Webinar from 8th December 2021

The redevelopment of the 15-acre brownfield site of North Street Lewes, in the South Downs National Park is one of the most significant brownfield developments in the South Downs National Park. Over the past year, Human Nature, a Lewes-based company, has been working on plans for a new ‘walkable, renewably-powered, super-green neighbourhood on the former Phoenix industrial site’.

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Chelsea RentonHead of Communities, Human Natureintroduces Human Nature, their vision and plan

Summary and Video of the Phoenix Design Festival of September 2021

Dan Reaof Periscope leads the master architectural planning team and presents the design outline

Andy Tugby – of Human Nature presents information about sustainable materials, construction and energy strategy

Question and Answer session

Summing Up and Close

About the speakers:

  • The lead speaker is Chelsea Renton, MBE., – Partner, Head of Communities, Human Nature, will present on sustainable development and living. In other words, how do we build communities and live in them whilst minimising our carbon carbon footprint and global warming emissions?
  • Daniel Rea – Director at Periscope Dip in Landscape Architecture (Distinction) from Leeds Beckett University, European Master in Landscape Architecture from Wageningen University (The Netherlands), BA (Hons)in Landscape Architecture, Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute
  • Andy Tugby – Lead Consultant at Human Nature on Sustainable Materials and Construction Methodology. He has an MSc(arch) in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies. Previously with Southern Renewables Ltd

We hope to circulate any outstanding Q&A to the audience in the next few weeks

One thought on “Watch the Sustainable Development and Living Webinar

  1. A very useful conspectus of the project and the thinking behind it.

    It would be interesting to hear more about what impact assessment on Lewes is being carried out more broadly i.e. impact on existing services and infrastructure. Evidence-based arguments will be needed through the planning process to demonstrate positive impacts beyond the site itself.

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