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Climate Change: The Challenge for Nature, Wildlife and the Countryside

Recording of our Nature Webinar from 25th Nov 2021:

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The State of Nature Report produced in 2019 revealed that 41% of UK species have declined since the 1970s. Over the past 50 years, urbanisation, agriculture, pollution and climate change have all caused the nation’s plants and animals to dwindle. Earlier this year a major new campaign to protect nature was launched backed by 50+ nature organisations. Will this persuade the UK government to take action? The Environment Bill has suffered considerable delays in coming onto the statute book and as we write the controversy of the Government U turn on sewage outfall is still in our minds. The Bill has now been passed by the UK Parliament but hasn’t realise its full potential to protect the environment and nature. Will the UK government go on to update its legislation to make climate change the ‘cornerstone’ of its planning framework?

The COP15 Biodiversity Conference concluded in China in October which called for investments in nature and nature-based solutions to tackle the global climate change crisis. Will it be backed by action from world governments? We will look at the final commitments from the UK at COP26. Will it have been all ‘bla bla bla’ as Greta Thunberg said? Or will there be genuine action to achieve:

An active respect for nature when development occurs – sustainable farming – enhancement of river and soil quality – reduction in the use of pesticides and artificial fertilisers, protection of our ancient hedgerows and woodland – protection of our land and marine habitats – great value being attributed to the countryside for our mental and physical health – halt the decline in species – better habitats for pollinators……..

Through this conference we hope we can help review possible next steps to achieve harmony with the natural world.


  • Chris Fairbrother – Landscape & Biodiversity Strategy Lead at South Downs National Park Authority.
  • Henri Brocklebank – Director of Conservation Policy & Evidence at the Sussex Wildlife Trust.
  • Dr Tony Whitbread – Chair of the South Downs Network and President of the Sussex Wildlife Trust.
  • Baroness Kate Parminter – Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee in the House of Lords.
  • Dr Rob Stoneman – Director of Landscape Recovery, The Wildlife Trusts.
  • Professor Dan Osborn, Chair of CPRE Sussex – the Countryside Charity and President of the South Downs Network.

The UN Climate Change Conference, COP26 is over and as we absorb the commitment and aims for the future, the South Downs Network stages a webinar to review ways in which nature and the environment can be enhanced and protected with or without international or UK government support. We will be assisted with a panel of speakers who will explore the challenges that lie ahead and what can be done to mitigate the effect on the countryside and natural world.

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