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As the COP26 Climate Change conference gets underway ………… we publish the video of our Sustainable Transport webinar online!

Actions can be taken now to tackle the climate change emergency in the South of England, the audience at the South Down Network’s first COP26 webinar were told. One of the key speakers, former transport minister Noman Baker, said: “It doesn’t have to be like this. There’s a different way of doing things which will give us the climate answers to tackling the climate emergency.”

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The Webinar

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Video Recording – Watch the webinar from the start

Video Recording – Summary of the problem

Speakers have there say

Select the image below to see what each speaker had to say:

Video Recording – Sally Pavey of GAGNE 

Video Recording – Dr Alister Scott of Cuckmere Solar Co-operative

Video Recording – Rt Hon Norman Baker of the Campaign for Better Transport

Video Recording – Panel discussion, further Q&A plus summing up

About the speakers in the webinar

More information on the speakers

About the Webinars:

The South Downs Network is hosting a series of webinars in support of the aims of the Global Climate Change conference, COP26, which takes place in Glasgow next month in November 2021. This video covers the first one in the series, entitled ‘Emissions & Pollution from Transport’ and it was broadcast on October 27th 2021 According to the UK Government’s latest report (2021), the transport sector is the largest emitter of global warming gases, producing 27% of the UK’s total emissions. It is essential that this area of emissions is tackled, in order to reach net zero by 2050.  This webinar explores what is being done and what more needs to be done. We have three speakers who will help us explore ways of reducing global warming emissions

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