May is National Walking Month!

Living Streets' Walk This May Campaign

We all know that walking is good for our physical and mental health, and that choosing to walk rather than drive helps the environment, too.

LivingStreets are running a campaign to celebrate National Walking Month, and you can pledge to #WalkThisMay. Living Streets also conducted research to find out what Brits have enjoyed most about walking more in 2020. They said “Walking was seen as a great way to stay healthy, to meet friends and family in a safe and legal way, and to discover new places.

“Lots of people plan to keep walking to maintain their physical health and mental wellbeing, with a third of people planning to keep the car at home to reduce their carbon footprint!”

Read the full study here.

YourEastSussex are also promoting National Walking Month, and encourage litter picking while out walking. They note, “Since the pandemic began, we’ve all been mostly locked down to our local areas. While many of us have discovered lots of local walks, litter has also become more noticeable. And with large numbers of people visiting East Sussex to enjoy the beauty hot spots here, it often means the bins provided become full. Rather than taking rubbish home with them, too many people leave it behind.

“Sadly, people generally believe that clearing up litter is someone else’s job. And while many consider littering anti-social behaviour, almost 48% of people admit to dropping litter!

“So whilst out on a walk, why not help your local park, street or beach with some litter picking.”

Read their full post here.

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