National Planning Policy Framework and National Model Design Code: consultation closes 27th March 2021

Yet Another Government Consultation! It’s good to be consulted but when the Government appears to have already made up their mind, it is just a bit frustrating. The planning white paper ‘Planning for the Future’ published last year implies they have already decided. Will the public’s views be considered? We don’t know. So we suggest the public give their views by the 27th March.

The new National Planning Policy Framework will set the policy for how planning permissions are decided in future years. The National Model Design Code will set standards as to how houses and housing estates are designed.

If you would like to comment, CLICK HERE to go to the government website here. This site shows the proposals and gives a link to an online questionnaire. The South Downs Network (SDN) would like to hear your views on these proposals. Please give us your feedback here.

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