Landscapes review (National Parks and AONBs)

The Government are seeking public support for their proposed legislative changes, and the potential effects on different groups and interests. They are also interested to hear any wider views on other aspects of their review. The consultation closes at 11:45pm on 9 April 2022. This consultation is open to the public. They have a consultation website: Also one can email them at:

The National Park have submitted an initial response to Defra’s somewhat delayed response to the Landscape Review. the National Park say “”Defra’s response to the Landscape Review is welcome, but nature recovery and climate change demand greater resource and ambition” The Campaign for National Parks have also welcomed the proposals but say “it must be backed by resources and delivery plan to meet the Government’s own net zero legally binding net zero and biodiversity targets”. We agree with both of these comments.

To help prepare responses we are lucky to have had some research carried out by one of our volunteers. Luca Wilde reports as follows:, –  Click below to open and download the report:

Landscape Report

Report by: Report by Luca Wilde, BA Hons (1st Class), English Literature. SDN Researcher[1],

[1] Luca is focusing on environmental conservation to prepare for further studies in Environmental and Sustainable Development

Explanatory Note:
From time to time the South Downs Network (SDN) undertakes a review of key issues affecting the South Downs National Park and its environs. The objective is to assist members and the public generally in reviewing the background information in relation to current planning or environmental status. These comments are made by volunteers in a genuine effort to provide factual and/or historical information. The comments are not meant to be a formal opinion of the SDN, They are just meant to be a helpful guide to further research. The reader should always do their own research.

3 thoughts on “Landscapes review (National Parks and AONBs)

  1. The South Downs has been nationally recognised for its natural beauty and the space it offers for people to enjoy the countryside. This is why it has been made into a National Park.
    The twin purposes of the South Downs National Park are:
    1. To conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area
    2. To promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the Park by the public
    The South Downs National Park Authority is the lead organisation responsible for promoting the purposes of the National Park, working in partnership with other Local Authorities and organisations. In delivering Park purposes, the Authority has an important duty: No change please no houses think long term.
    To seek to foster the economic and social well-being of the local communities within the National Park

  2. This should not be allowed to go ahead.
    We are aiming to get to net zero carbon emissions.
    Building in rural areas there is a heavy reliance on cars.
    The site is visible from a National Park and would have a detrimental impact on the countryside to make such a huge urban area.
    The night sky would be brighter.
    The detrimental impact on nature would be profound – mitigation tactics are pointless.
    It would be a cast of concrete across this beautiful part of the countryside which could never be removed and a crime on nature should it be allowed to go ahead.

  3. I’m appalled that this is even being considered. The Eton proposal should be put in the bin. The countryside needs to be left as it is. There are other options to assist with any housing need. Time to think of the current residents and protect the countryside. It is not wanted by anyone other than those you want to line their pockets. Please please put a stop to this

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