House of Lords passes 14 amendments improving the Environment Bill

Environment Bill: House of Lords pass 14 amendments improving the Bill

Over several late-night sittings in September, members of the House of Lords voted through 14 separate amendments to the Environment Bill in the face of Government opposition. Here are 6 key amendments:
  • Making interim targets binding
  • Removing exceptions to the duty to give due regard to environmental principles
  • Securing OEP* independence
  • Empowering courts to grant meaningful remedies following an environmental review
  • Extending the charging power to cover all single use items
  • Safeguarding the habitats regulations

* Office of Environmental Protection.

We are grateful to Wildlife and Countryside Link and Greener UK for publishing updates on the progress of the Environment Bill. Briefings on these key amendments can found here.

The Next Stage?

The House of Commons will consider the Lord’s amendments on 20 October 2021.
In the weeks ahead there will be much discussion with Government on which Lords amendments can be accepted. If you think these amendments should be include in the final legislation please write to your MP. This Bill is hugely important moment for nature – especially when combined with the Government’s own welcome amendment creating a State of Nature target. After over 18 months of passage through Parliament, the Environment Bill is nearly there.

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