Climate Change – why the soil under our feet is so important

Why does soil matter?

As the Soil Association says: We all know that without soil, most food production becomes all but impossible; and we recognise that some of our food production systems are leading to unprecedented levels of soil degradation. Organically-managed soils and farmland can maintain soil fertility, enhance biodiversity and improve water retention capacity. It is also part of the solution to mitigate climate change through increased soil carbon sequestration.

In this publication the South downs Network provide some information on what part soil plays in mitigating climate change.

Here are 3 videos that provide a simple guide:

How trees capture and store carbon by the Woodland Trust:. This video also deals shows the benefit of falling leaves in storing carbon in the soil:

This video tells us more about carbon sequestration in soils, in oceans and in rocks: 

This video deals directly with storing carbon in soils: 

More information –

An article form the Soil Association:

here is a article published by the UN for those who want more technical information:

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