CPRE Sussex Hedgerow Hike September 2021

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CPRE invite everyone to join the Hedgerow Hike in September to celebrate hedgerows, get some exercise and help raise funds for CPRE Sussex. You can sign up from 1 July. Find out how to take part. “Hedgerows are vitally important, they are major features of the Sussex landscape and essential habitats supporting over 2,000 species, […]

CPRE Sussex: Help us create thriving places for people and wildlife


CPRE Sussex and the Sussex Wildlife Trust have written to all East and West Sussex MPs to seek their support for a planning system that empowers local communities and protects and enhances the rich biodiversity of Sussex. The charities are seeking a review of the ‘standard method’ algorithm which sets a housing target for a […]

Council Elections 2021: The SCATE Sustainable Transport Pledges


SCATE are asking candidates in the upcoming council elections to make the following 12 pledges: 1.       Promote policies that significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with transport. 2.       Support every village/town having a bus service every hour. 3.       Lobby for cheaper rail services. 4.       Campaign for safer roads for all to enable more active travel. 5.       […]

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