Rampion windfarm

E.ON is proposing to build a wind farm some 13km off the Sussex coast.  The intention is to have between 100 – 175 turbines, depending on the size of turbine chosen.  It is proposing that the electricity generated will be brought ashore in the Shoreham / Lancing area.  It will then be taken in an underground cable up to Bolney where it will be fed into the National Grid.

The South Downs Network has welcomed the amount of awareness raising that has taken place in the two rounds of consultation, totalling 20 weeks, during 2012, although it was concerned at the lack of data available.  It also welcomes the recognition by E.ON that any on-shore cabling will need to be put underground.  However, the Network is concerned about the landscape impact, particularly on the Heritage Coast and the length of the cable route through the South Downs National Park (some 14km long when the National Park is only around 5km wide at this point).

The Examination in Public ended on 18 January, 2014 and are expected to report to the Secretary of State by 18 April 2014.