On the bus

Paul’s bus with some of the crowd

Last week in Lewes, saw the launch of a bus with a difference.  Named after Paul Millmore, long time South Downs campaigner and Network member, the gleaming hybrid bus, with fuel consumption 30-35% less than a standard bus, was launched by Norman Baker, MP for Lewes and Under-Secretary of State for Transport.

Helping with unveiling the bus name was Bridget Millmore, Paul’s widow, and Roger French, managing director of Brighton & Hove Bus Company.  Watching was the Mayor of Lewes, Councillor Michael Chartier, along with a crowd of over 70.

Roger French, Bridget Millmore and Norman buy cialis online Baker MP unveil Paul’s name

Brighton & Hove Buses has a popular tradition of naming its buses after someone (who has died) with a strong local connection and who has made a significant contribution to the area in some way or another.  After his death earlier this year, Paul’s name was put forward.  It was accepted in recognition of the huge role he played in the National Park campaign and conservation generally, his love of Lewes, and his active contribution to community life.

Appropriately, the bus is being brought into service on the 28 route from Brighton to Lewes, which passes through the National Park and Lewes.  It is a fitting tribute to a person who gave so much and with so much passion.

So don’t be shocked if you see Paul back on the streets of Lewes.  Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to take a trip with him through the National Park.

4 thoughts on “On the bus

  1. Glad all went well – but Paul would have been first to correct the reference to “the National Park AND Lewes” (my caps). As we all know, Paul fought hard to ensure Lewes was IN the Park…..!

  2. Paul Millmore rides again over the South Downs – and a fitting way to do it, with an environmentally-sensitive bus. He’s keeping a critical eye on us to ensure we’re doing our bit to look after it and, between us, we must!

  3. Sorry to have been unable to make the ceremony but delighted that Paul will once more be traversing the South Downs. I have pleasant memories of Paul, Phil and a few of us early ‘South Downs Rangers’.

  4. Will be lovely to see Paul journeying over the South Downs once again, this time in the form of a bus, but more importantly he will be there in spirit with us all, all of us who remember and spent time with him.

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