Transport is a big issue for the National Park Authority as while it is important in getting people in and around the National Park, too much traffic can undermine the special qualities of the area. To start to address some of these issues, the Park Authority, in partnership with the New Forest National Park Authority, has made a bid to the Local Sustainable Transport Fund covering the whole of Britain’s newest National Parks.

This bid is based on a whole journey approach focussing on:

  • Improve key public transport gateways into the two National Parks
  • Make it easy to reach key attractions within the two National Parks
  • Promote sustainable travel packages to visitors before they arrive and while they are in the National Parks
  • Manage traffic effectively within the Parks, so that it does not detract from visitors’ experience

While targeting travel by visitors, the package of measures will provide benefits for all sectors of the community, including business and industry, employees and residents. It will:

  • secure the future prosperity of the Parks and surrounding areas
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • improve the character and vitality of the National Parks
  • increase the viability of public transport services, benefitting residents (including those without access to a car, such as older people) as well as visitors
  • make the National Parks towns less traffic-dominated and more attractive locations
  • improve the permeability of the National Parks for pedestrians and cyclists

The South Downs Network is supportive of this bid but concerned that at the same time rural bus services were proposed to be cut which seemed to run counter to its aims and objectives. Its full comments can be found here.

The Park Authority has also submitted a Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid titled Travel Choices for Lewes, in conjunction with East Sussex County Council, for improving access into and out of Lewes.