Biosphere bid to launch

On Tuesday, 22 May, (International Day for Biodiversity) the Brighton & Hove and Lewes Downs Biosphere Partnership will launch its bid for the South Downs between the River Adur and River Ouse plus the urban area of Brighton & Hove, to become a Biosphere reserve.

A Biosphere reserve is a UNESCO designation of excellence which if agreed would give international recognition to this local environment and its management.  Read Tony Whitbread’s (Chief Exec of Sussex Wildlife Trust) blog on the Biosphere for more detailed information, plus find out about the launch on our Events page.

The Biosphere partnership is made up of local authorities and a number of members from the South Downs Network.  Also involved are the South Downs National Park Authority, Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority, Dorothy Stringer High School, University of Brighton, Natural England and the Environment Agency.  For more information or to become a Friend of the Biosphere, view the Biosphere website.

One thought on “Biosphere bid to launch

  1. I was involved in the establishment of the Kogekberg Biosphere Reserve in the South Western Cape, South Africa in the 1990’s. My daughter lives in Brighton and I was fascinated by the downs. I wish you all support and success in your endeavour. I was particularly struck by the absence of any streams in the valleys, and by the need for the dew ponds to water sheep. I assume this is due to the porosity of the chalk and the low run-off. I hope these observations may be helpful and be included in the descriptions.

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